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Cookidoo Platform

Buy now and receive a 6-month bonus trial subscription to Cookidoo®, a world of more than 40,000 recipes from all over the world !  

Discover Cookidoo

Here you will find a whole world of ThermomixTM recipes – national and international dishes, hearty and sweet recipes, fine desserts and much more. Allow yourself to be inspired!

Why use Cookidoo®

Access to thousands of guided cooking recipes worldwide

Organize your own recipe treasure

Plan the weekly menu and create your own shopping list

Add notes to make the recipes more personal

* All recipes are in the language of the country that created them (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Chinese)



What is Cook-Key®?

«Cook-Key® is an innovative accessory for your TM5 that makes it easy to access all your favourite recipes, meal plans and lists on your TM5 screen.

It’s as simple as Browse-Sync-Cook.

Browse and create personalised recipe playlists or your weekly meal plan.

Then connect your Cook-Key® to your TM5 and sync your recipes to your Cook-Key® using Wi-Fi.

Once the sync is complete you can begin cooking all your favourite recipes using the step-by-step on screen instructions so that you create the perfect meal, every time.

Each Cook-Key® comes with a bonus 6-month introductory trial subscription to, giving you access to more than 26,000 recipes from over 12 different countries, with new recipes added every month.»

Do i need Cookidoo® to use Cook-Key® ?

«Cook-Key® comes equipped with all recipes from the Basic Cookbook, so you can start cooking right away. There are many more Guided Cooking recipes waiting for you on Cookidoo® which you can send to your Cook-Key®. Cook-Key® comes with a 6-month free trial Cookidoo® Membership which gives you full access to all Guided Cooking recipes on Cookidoo®. »

Where can i buy Cook-Key® ?

«You can order Cook-Key® along with your Thermomix TM5 with your Advisor. Or, if you wish to buy Cook-Key® solo, you can do that via your advisor or from our store.»

Is Cook-Key® only in combination with Thermomix TM5 available or can i also buy it solo ?

«You can purchase Cook-Key® solo or in a package along with your Thermomix TM5.»


What is Cookidoo® ?

«Cookidoo® is the online recipe platform for your Thermomix™. You can find inspiration with a great variety of Guided Cooking recipes on Cookidoo® and build your personal recipe library. You can use different tools to organise your recipes, e.g. compiling own recipe lists, adding individual notes to recipes, creating a weekly planner or generating a shopping list. A free Cookidoo® account is also needed to activate your Cook-Key®.

All recipe collections on Cookidoo® are available for purchase. Recipe Chips can be activated so that you have access to your recipes anytime and anywhere. When activating a Cook-Key® in Cookidoo®, you will have access to all Guided Cooking recipes for a free trial period of 6 months.»

Will i be charged for using Cookidoo® ?

«Registering an account on Cookidoo® is free.

If you wish to gain access to the global library of Cookidoo® recipes, you can purchase a yearly subscription for 36 euros per year. With the purchase of a Cook-Key® you automatically receive a free 6 month trial subscription.»

How do i get recipes from Cookidoo® onto my Thermomix TM5 ?

«If you buy and activate a Cook-Key®, you will receive a 6 month free trial subscription, providing you access to all recipes on Cookidoo®. You can then create personalised recipe playlists and/or weekly menu planners. Then you simply attach your Cook-key® to your Thermomix TM5 and ensure it is connected to Wi-Fi. Once the synchronisation is complete, all of your recipes will be stored on your Cook-Key®, enabling you to acces your favourite recipes at the touch of a button.

If you wish to update your stored recipes, simply make your changes in Cookidoo® and re-sync to your Cook-Key®

Cookidoo® Membership

What are the benefits of a Cookidoo® subscription?

«With a Cookidoo® subscription, you have full access to all of the recipes in our global Cookidoo® library. Please note that international recipes will appear in the language of origin.»

How much is a Cookidoo® subscription?

«A yearly subscription to Cookidoo® is 36 euros.

When you activate your Cook-Key®, you will receive a free 6 month trial Cookidoo® subscription.»

What is the free Cookidoo® subscription trial that i receive with my Cook-Key® purchase?

«With the purchase of your Cook-Key®, you have access to all of the recipes on the global Cookidoo® library for a 6-month period.

The trial is automatically initiated once you activate your Cook-Key®. The trial expires after 6 months. You will be notified before your subscription ends if you would like to renew. The price of a 1-year subscription to Cookidoo® is 36 euros.»

What happens once the trial period expires ?

«Recipes that you have not previously purchased via a recipe collection or by registering a Recipe Chip will no longer be available to you.»

I do not want a Cookidoo® subscription. Can i steel use the Cook-key® ?

«Of course! Any recipes that are in your recipe library can be synced to your Cook-Key®. Your recipe library consists of recipe collections that you have purchased or Recipe Chips that you have activated.»

If i decide not to continue with a Cookidoo® subscription after the free trial, can i steel keep all the recipes i have stored on my Cook-key® so far ?

«Once your Cookidoo® subscription free trial has expired, you will only have access to the recipes in your recipe library. Your recipe library consists of recipe collections you have purchased or recipe chips you have activated.

Any subscription recipes on your Cook-Key® will be removed during your next synchronisation.»

How many Cookidoo® subscription options are currently available ?

«Right now there are two membership options: The first is the free trial membership Cookidoo® that starts automatically once you activated your Cook-Key® in your profile on Cookidoo®. After that, you have the option to extend this membership by cost of 36 euros a year.»