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ThermomixTM is the world’s most versatile kitchen appliance. The innovative device uses state-of-the-art technology to combine the functions of twelve appliances in one for the ultimate in convenience.

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Discover the ways Thermomix TM5 turns everyday cooking into an easy and enjoyable process.

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Cook-Key®: The “key” for housands of Thermomix TM5 recipes

Discover thousands of recipes for guided cooking on the Cookidoo® platform. Then organize your “treasure” and get daily inspiration in your kitchen.

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Benefits of Thermomix TM5

Everyday cooking is made incredibly easy with ThermomixTM. This unique appliance brings a whole range of benefits to your daily life and cooking style, while enabling you to create fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals for your family and friends.

Save time & effort

ThermomixTM is powerful and versatile, which helps you save time and lets you automate much of the cooking process.

Save Money

A single ThermomixTM takes the place of multiple kitchen appliances and helps you save energy by reducing cooking times.

Eat Healthy

Find out how ThermomixTM can help you cook ingredients more gently for fresher, healthier meals.

Be Creative

Do not let anything stop your culinary ideas. ThermomixTM helps you prepare imaginative and delicious dishes.

The world of cooking with Thermomix™

ThermomixTM is more than a kitchen appliance – it's an ever-expanding universe of recipes and online and offline communities...


"Driving between home and office...’’

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“Driving between home and office, and the out-of-school activities of the children, I always thought about where I would fit on my agenda that extra hour to cook something different and nutritious for my children. Up until a friend introduced me her new “acquisition”, the Thermomix TM5. At the touch of a button, with step-by-step guidance or not, Thermomix TM5 takes on the most demanding recipes, such as risotto and dough, but also all the sweets my children adore.”



"Thermomix TM5 was exactly what I needed...‘‘

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“Thermomix TM5 was exactly what I needed to make cooking for my family enjoyable. I have reduced costs of the fresh ingredients I need to have in my fridge and most of all Thermomix ΤΜ5 helped me to better manage my kitchen. The recipe chip, this inexhaustible source, is a cookbook, a practical guide, an inspiration, and a lifeline for all busy parents like us.”



"Last minute surprises make me excited, but..."

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“Last minute surprises make me excited, but when it comes to home guests, I may feel inconvenient because I have not done the right preparations to welcome them. With Thermomix TM5 I don’t have this stress anymore, because with its unique functions I can now enjoy my friends company without spending many hours in my kitchen cooking.”